Wednesday, December 10, 2014

LES December 2014 Principal Report

LES School Committee Report

December 16, 2014

We had another successful Veteran’s Day Gathering!!!  We hosted over 30 veterans and thanked them for “filling our buckets” with their service.  The “bucket filling” idea comes from our School Adjustment Counselor, Heather Lucy’s, work with all the students.  The basic idea is that filling another’s bucket with acts and words of kindness and care helps them get through life, but also carries a “filling” quality for the giver as well.  (Guiding Belief: Every member of the school, community, and family deserves to be treated with respect and courtesy.)

Wellness Team At It Again:  Our Wellness folks have secured a speaker, Lisa Brodeur, titled, “A Mother’s Journey,”  for this Thursday night at 6pm. We are sending our 6th graders to hear this important message during the day.  It is important they hear it, but also as a transition to middle school.  We will be supporting them around the topic, of course, but think it is also important to provide as many transition activities throughout the year for our 6th almost 7th graders. (Guiding Belief: We believe in promoting broad-based communication and school-family-community partnerships. AND We believe in a safe, supportive, organized, and equitable environment.)

Early Childhood Work:  I was asked to and did film a segment about the Massachusetts Kindergarten Entry Assessment for the Berkshire Compact’s show,
“Reach Out for Education”.  The show is scheduled for the Pittsfield Public Access Channel tonight and again on the 14th.  It is shared for viewing on all County public access channels as well.  I will share a link with Sue Tanguay to share with you if you would like to watch.  Emily Mertinooke, our Early Childhood Department Head, and I will be visiting an upcoming meeting to give you more information about the successful roll-out here. (Guiding Belief: We believe programs, services, and facilities should be of the highest quality and responsive to the changing needs of our local and global community.)

Respectfully submitted,

Kate Retzel, LES Principal

LMHS December 2014 Principal Report


Lee, Massachusetts

Principal’s Report
December 16, 2014

            In November, we recognized the October students of the month – Emily Donovan for the high school, and Bailey Thomas for the middle school.  Congratulations to both!

On the November 4 professional development day, most of the faculty was involved with curriculum work and DDM (District-Determined Measures) development.  We are on track with both of these initiatives, to have “final” working documents in place by the end of the school year.  A small number of faculty also participated in a group to develop a new statement of Core Values and Beliefs, as required by NEASC, to replace our current mission statement.  This group reviewed the current mission, plus the district strategic plan (especially the listing of district beliefs) before coming up with a draft Core Values and Beliefs statement.  At our November 12 faculty meeting, the entire faculty reviewed the statement, made some changes, and approved the document.  We will be seeking the approval of the student councils before bringing the Core Values and Beliefs to the school committee for final approval.  [District goals 1.5, guiding beliefs]
We started out the month with a successful Red Cross Blood Drive on November 3rd, sponsored by the Helping Hands club led by Keri Wade.  [District goal 3.5]

On November 12, a small group of students (Amber Shove, Rafael Rivera, Aman Sanger, Paddy Sullivan, Sam Polastri, Jaci Tart, Corey Gaherty, and Jony Rodriguez) led by our nurse, Diane Carroll, put on a Community Supper.  Seventy Lee residents were treated to a meal of spaghetti and meatballs, bread, and salad; dessert was ice cream and brownies made by our life skills class.  Diane has applied for a Berkshire Taconic Foundation grant to continue these suppers throughout the school year.  It is certainly a wonderful way for our students to give back to the Lee community. [District goals 3.2, 3.3]

November 14 and 15, the drama program put on an incredible performance of Richard III under the direction of Shakespeare & Co.  Overcoming some last minute obstacles, the students did an amazing job with the play, which was repeated as part of the fall festival at Shakespeare & Company on November 20.  Bravo!  [District goals 1.4, 3.4] 

On November 24, we had a half day due to parent-teacher conferences being held that afternoon and evening.  As part of the half day schedule, we ended the day with a recognition assembly in the auditorium.  If you haven’t yet seen Dan Korte’s fall video that was shown at the assembly, please stop by the guidance web page or the LMHS Facebook page to check it out!  [District goals 1.6, 3.3, 4.6]

November also marked the end of our fall sports season.  The cross country team qualified for the Western Mass. tournament, with Ava Martin making the All-Berkshire team.   While our football team didn’t make the tournament this year, they did end the season with an impressive 7-3 record.  The golf team qualified for the tournament, as did boys soccer.  Our girls’ soccer team made it to the Western Mass. semifinals, as did our volleyball team.  All in all a great season for the Wildcats!  [District goal 5.5]

Respectfully submitted,

Gregg Brighenti