Monday, October 2, 2017

FY18 LMHS September Report

Principal’s Report

September 2017

 We had a great opening at LMHS this year!  We are currently at 347 students, up slightly from the end of last year.  The enrollment breakdown is: 

Grade 7 = 60

Grade 8 = 51

Grade 9 = 73

Grade 10 = 53

Grade 11 = 56

Grade 12 = 54

Since the August school committee meeting, we have welcomed Erin DuFresne as a middle school science teacher (replacing Tim Mertinooke), and Julie Harford as a long-term substitute English teacher (for Jess Hudnall).  Julie recently accepted a permanent, full-time position at another school, so we are currently searching for a new long-term substitute to cover for Jess through Thanksgiving.  All of our new hires are doing great as we begin the year!  Our new Dean of Students, Nicole Maddalena, is planning on focusing a large amount of her time on addressing student attendance issues – definitely an area of need for us.

At LMHS, we have four main goals for the year which I shared with the staff at our opening meeting:

1.      We will develop a competency-based grading model by continuing a pilot for interested teachers, and implementing two major changes for all:

·         Course-long running grade averages

·         Use of the soft skills rubric
2.      We will review and revise our school governance model, including both student councils, class officers, the school council, and faculty/staff participation to create greater cohesiveness and promote democratic ideals

3.      We will continue to investigate and recommend changes to our master schedule to allow greater flexibility and improve student learning.

4.      We will design and implement a self-study to determine how and if we are meeting our Vision and Beliefs 

To accomplish these goals, we have formed four voluntary action teams, which will meet regularly through the school year to research and discuss the items and report back to the faculty with recommendations for moving forward in the future.

In addition to these four goals, we are continuing to focus our attention on two items from previous years:  our literacy initiative, and increased use of technology in our classes.  Our literacy initiative has, I think, contributed to our outstanding MCAS grade 10 results that I will share with the committee at this month’s meeting.  We will also continue our efforts with the ALICE intruder protocols that we put in place last year.

Athletics are in full swing now, and student clubs are beginning to ramp up for the year.  We have 5 students enrolled in our restarted carpentry class – a good showing for the first year, and we expect that number will double or more for next year.  The carpentry class will be supported by a Perkins grant from the state of approximately $9,000.

All in all, we are looking forward to a great school year! 

Respectfully submitted,

Gregg M. Brighenti