Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Principal Report Kate Retzel 2-13-18

Elementary School 2017/2018
"In the desert of life, you are my oasis."
Kate Retzel, Principal
To: School Committee Date:  February 13, 2018
         We had 30 total 5th grade and 6th grade students made the "B's or Better" Club for the second quarter. As the name suggests, students must have B's or A's in all subjects (Specials included) to be named to the B's and Better Club. The students achieving this are below:
5th Grade - Alyssa Hoctor; Karalynn Hopkins*; Ava Lopez*; Griffin McElroy*; Kelly Molino*; Tess Olender; Mia Puleri*; Sophia Puntin*; Delaney Reed*; Lillian Reynolds*; Omari Smith*; Dominic Velasco*
6th Grade - Nick Beckman*; Tyler Carlson*; Korey Chen*; Abby DeCicco; Jackson Decker*; Savannah DiSantis; Taejen Drozd; Grayson Field; Ruby Hauck; Jillian Heath*; Kira Johnson*; Shaelyn Kelly*; Shaun Kinney; Isabella Kotek*; Cooper Malqney*; Allen Ni*; Arianne Resca*; Angelina Williams*
*Those students with a star have achieved "B's and Better" status for both 1st and 2nd quarters.  22 students achie ved this standing.
         We were excited to receive a $500 grant from the Exxon Mobil Educational Alliance. Savi Veyma, the manager of Mobil Convenience in Lee, nominated us. The only stipulation of the grant is that we use it for STEM work in the system. Our $500 will be used to create a Makerspace in what was previously the Computer Lab at LES.
Makersp aces are also called hackerspaces. hacl<spaces, and fablabs. They are collaborative spaces where students gather to get creative with DIY projects, invent new ones, and share ideas. We would like our Maker Space to be a community space where classes can go to use materials and have a good space to experiment, investigate, problem- solve, invent, design, share (present), etc .... This space will allow students to be creative in all subject areas. Our students can easily become engineers ma  maker space where they can dream, plan,  build
and test their creations and redesign. It is our goal to have a Maker Faire this June instead of a Science Fair.
In order to set up our Maker Space we will need storage shelves and bins for supplies. Most supplies will be donated as creating will happen using recycled materials (cardboard, wood  scraps, plastic contain <'r'>. et c..), h1, t we will ·1e ed <;upplics such as glue, glue guns and glue sticks, scissors, tap<·s. battc,1es, .vin , s t1 ing, Lt c (anything needed for building). Simple hand tools would  be fabulou5 to  have on  hand as we have no access to  these ite  ms.

         Plans are underway for our annual Read Across America Day/Week thanks to Mia Darone and Lori Curtin. Spirit Week is February 26th_ March zrd a nd includes the  following activities culminating  in many guest  readers on t ha t Friday.


Monday- "The Cat in the  Hat" Wear your favorite  hat.

Tuesday- "Fox in Socks" Wear silly or mismatched   socks.

Wednesday- "Wacky Wednesday" Wear your clothes backwards , ins ide out or mismatched.

Thursday- "Sleep Book" Wear appropriate pajamas or comfy clothes. Friday- "Oh the Places You' ll Go" Dress up as the profession you hope to be when you grow up.


         I want to last congratulate Ms. Erin White, Ms. Pat Feldman and our eleme ntary musicians and singers on the wonderful Winter Concert this past month. I'm always just amazed. I think the highlight was the chorus singing the Snow Day so ng and we actually got one the very next day!!!

Principal Report Gregg Brighenti 2-13-18

Principnl's Report February 2018
          January 12 Half Day- We held a school-wide presentation to end the half-day.  A student-led group from Williams College shared their work regarding the immigrant experience in the United States, and took questions from the audience.  Thanks to Mary Verdi of our English department for organizing this very informative presentation! In the afternoon of this half day, our faculty worked in departmental groups on curriculum m:cds.
         On January 16, I attended the MIAA Lacrosse Committee meeting at the Association's headquarters in Franklin. I was there to appeal the placement of our boys and girls teams to a higher division in this year's realignment process. I'm happy to report that both appeals were successful. and we will be remaining in our current divisions.
          On January 19, we held our annual Junior Honor Society induction ceremony for Slh graders. Congratulations to new JI-IS members Grat:c Bauek, Kyle Benzie. Timothy Besaw, Hannah Briggs, Tyler Brock, Elizabeth Brown, Emma Condron, Matthew Kinney, Maya Kollmer, Madison LaRock, Caroline Maloney. Emma Puleri. Emma Puntin, Dylan Shepard, Hayden Siok, Evan Trombley, Cameron Tyer, Rachel Wendling, and Elliot Winston.
          High school students had midterm assessmen ts on January 17, 1,8   and 19.  This was the second
year holding assessments in a department-based format where, for example, all English assessments are given at the same time. The facu lty will continue to review our midterm and final assessment structures moving forward, r articul arly as we also move towards implementing competency-based grading.
          Gig Wellington and J attended the Lee Conservation Commission again on January I 7. with our consultant from Foresight Land Services. We received approval form the Commission on our revised plans for the proposed Maple Street practice field. The plan was revised to address some concerns from abutters regarding. \\atcr runoff i nto the nearby brook. We will now seek estimates for what the work would cost to move forward.
          Our annual Junior Job Shadow Day was held on Friday.  February 2.  Our entire junior class, plus a few seniors, completed a job shadow expe rie nce on that day, in coordination with the Berkshire County Regional Employment Board. Special thanks to guidance counselor Dan Korte and English teacher Jane McEvoy for coordim1tin g this worthwhile experience for our students! One of our students, Michelle Desiata '18. was featured  in the Berkshire Eagle story the next day.

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         Our music department held an enjoyable and entertaining band and choral concert on February 6. The theme was ''Around the World." with musical selections from different countries and cultures. A highlight was the educational mini-speeches provided for the audience before each piece.


          Several of our student-artists have works feutured at the 32" Annual Berkshire County High School Art Show at the Norman Rockwell Museum.  These works are on display through March

4. I encourage you to check them out if you have a chance!


         The annual spring march of testing has begun! We have completed our ACCESS testing with our ELL students, as well as the retests for high school biology MCAS.  Coming up soon after vacation will be the ELA MCAS tests for grades 7, 8, and I 0, followed by math MCAS in the same grades. AP testing will happen in May. followed by grade 8 science MCAS and grade 9 Biology MCAS in early June.  Some\\·here in there we will also be able to teach some classes!


         Our quarterly Wildcat Newsletter was issued  in early February.  I will provide copies for you at the committee meeting; it is also available on our website and Facebook page. Thanks once again to Dan Korte for putting together this informative publication for our parents.


          Don't miss Shrek: The Musical presented by our drama program on Friday, March 9 and Saturday, March JO at 7:00pm, with a mnlinee performance on Sunday, March 11 at 2:00pm. It is sure to be a fun time!



Respectfully Submitted,


Gregg M. Brighenti Principal